Social Corporate Responsibility

“In the current productive context, we are aware that the “ethical” commitment of a company has entered directly into the value-chain, requiring the need to apply competitive levers coherent with “sustainable development”: the company undertakes its role primarily pursuing economic objectives, that guarantee growth and employment, but must not neglect the social context and the strong ties with the territory where  ones own business is created.”  (Luigi Cremonini -Chairman)


Cremonini’s 10 rules for social responsibility

The Cremonini Group’s social responsibility takes the form of 10 basic requirements which commit and involve all sectors of the company:

  1. All activities, both mandatory and voluntary, are adequately monitored, managed and documented in terms of quality, environmental protection and safety in the workplace.
  2. The highest level of food safety is considered always the first prerequisite for all the company’s products.
  3. The current policy on quality and sustainable farming is readily accessible to the company, the clients and the suppliers.
  4. The activities concerning corporate social responsibilities are made available, understood and shared by the public and company employees.
  5. Production activities are strictly controlled in relation to the contractual obligations undertaken with clients.
  6. The number of errors and non-conformity levels are decreased in order to reduce the loss of resources required to resolve them.
  7. The environmental impact, either real or hypothetical, which are or could be caused by the production processes of all the Group’s industrial activities, are carefully identified.
  8. Safety and prevention in the workplace is supervised, managed and shared, with regards to both its own and third party employees
  9. The social impact on the company’s activities are monitored and managed through the application of ethical codes of conduct drafted or received by the company, in particular:
    - Employees are adequately remunerated and can expect salaries that conform with local laws and regulations in force;
    - There is no discrimination in the hiring of personnel and in the methods of employment for reasons of race, skin colour, religion, sex, age, physical abilities, nationality or any other non acceptable reason;
    - Employees are provided with a safe and healthy working environment.
  10. Suppliers are involved in the pursuit of the company’s ethical codes.