Inalca's 50th birthday: The company, founded on 1 July 1963 in Castelvetro by Luigi Cremonini, was born with the ambition of becoming the first real industry in the production of beef in Italy. Over time it has revealed a solid base for the Group’s successive activities of diversification, which today represents the third Italian player in the agro-food sector with a turnover in 2012 that  reached the threshold of 3,42 million Euro.

From the original company nucleus, dealing with beef production, a succession of activities in the distribution sector followed, which today are represented by MARR, and in concession and commercial catering (Chef Express and Roadhouse Grill).

As Luigi Cremonini explains, "Fifty years of work is a long journey. At the same time it made us understand that much remains to be done. So we are happy, but we do not have time for self compliments. This anniversary above all serves to maintain clarity of ideas. It is the first-born, Inalca, which we celebrate. And for me this means that we were right; the future was in the meat industry. From here you can reach all over the world. Now we are not only in the meat industry, but also in other sectors, because we have always tried to enhance our product and also have in hand what is downstream. We have entered into areas that are synergistic, such as food distribution for hotels and restaurants, with Marr today the first national company, and catering, which is another world further downstream and where we have absolute leadership on the railways".

To celebrate the anniversary, the company planned two initiatives in Modena on 6 July and in Rome on 13 July.

6  July 2013 – Forum Monzani, Modena       

The  event at the Monzani Forum in Modena was an important occasion to celebrate together with the staff the 50th anniversary of the Group.

The most suggestive moment of the evening was the rewarding of the many workers who  have served the company loyally for more than 25 years.

Luigi Cremonini recalled that "There would be no team if there were no men. Do not forget even for a minute the fact that so many people, top managers but also employees, workers, sales agents and foodservice operators have embraced the objectives that I was indicating. Without them I would not have gone anywhere. I am proud and grateful that the work has been carried out together with the initiative and the skills of so many".

The comedy of Paolo Cevoli and Leonardo Fiaschi, under the overall direction of the journalist Alessandro Cecchi Pavone, brightened the evening.

13 July 2013 – Palazzo Colonna, Roma  

The event in Rome took  place in front of the spectacular backdrop of Palazzo Colonna and was open to representatives of the institutions, Italian and international suppliers, customers and managers of the Group from over 20 countries in five continents.

On the occasion of the celebrations even the Italian Premier Enrico Letta sent a message to Cavaliere Cremonini - "The Cremonini Group tells a story that begins in a prosperous  Italy, the Italy of the 60s. It began with the industriousness of a 23 year-old boy, who founded a company with the vocation for beef production and gives momentum to the history of the Group, and this suggests that a family business and a managerial approach are not necessarily in contradiction. At the same time, it teaches us that to square the circle between tradition, growth and innovation there is a need for diversification in products, markets, productive structures, responses to customers' needs, and of course one must aim at internationalisation. And – he continued - I appreciate your willingness to assert yourselves even more in a global fashion, following the potential of the Italian agricultural production and agro-food industry in terms of industrial know-how. In this strategy of internationalisation Russia and Africa play an important role".

Inalca has now a fixed presence with logistic-distributive platforms and production plants in Russia and in several African countries (Angola, Algeria, Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo, Mozambique, Ivory Coast) and is about to inaugurate new locations in other parts of the world, such as Kazakhstan, the Gulf countries and South and Far East Asia.

"It should be emphasised”, Luigi Cremonini continued, “that the international activities of Inalca have now exceeded 50% of sales, based on a unique model that led Inalca to be the only company in the world scenario of beef that is the leader not only in the integrated production of beef, but also in the international distribution of both raw materials and of food excellence ‘Made in Italy’, and not only".
"This development”, Cremonini continued, “is based on the belief that, in a new market, it is precisely the distribution phase from which to begin: a sort of integrated chain in reverse, where the stages of production and processing arrive later. A model that combines, aggregates and distributes on the world market the best of Italian Food & Beverage. It is an ideal model of internationalisation without relocation, which now seems to have no limits in the possibility of being replicated in many other world markets. A continuous expansion therefore, that we see today, programmable for many years to come".

The Russian Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Ilya Shestakov also attended the ceremony in Rome. He unexpectedly  bestowed on Cavaliere Cremonini an important tribute of the Russian Government, the medal of merit, “for the significant contribution that Inalca has given to the agricultural development of the Russian Federation”.

On this important occasion a video and a book about the Inalca’s 50 years, entitled “A glance at the past to build the future”, coordinated by Claudia Cremonini, was presented. The book is published by the editors Artioli of Modena.

These two works are the result of an important historical and photographic research that have pursued the objective of narrating, with the help of statements and images, the first 50 years of one of the biggest Italian food industries and its founder.


It is also possible to download the digital version of the book, thought the QR code on the side.

Full of pictures and interactive contents, the E-book is now available for iPad

"These first fifty years”, concluded Luigi Cremonini, “have fully demonstrated the validity of business models applied in three business sectors: the challenge of the next decades regarding their replicability  in new geographic areas and the comparison with new economic demands, first of all to produce more while consuming less, thus ensuring more and more secure access to food for the entire world population, in complete respect of environmental sustainability".